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Solutions for transformation processes in the IT landscape

Transformation processes in the IT landscape

Using the solution SNP Transformation BackboneŽ, from our Partner Schneider-Neureither& Partner AG we offer automated analysis and standardized implementation of changes in IT systems.

SNP Transformation BackboneŽ is the only integrated software solution that lets you customize SAP software systems to changing business processes and structures.

  • SNP System Scan determines the need for transformation
    We begin each transformation process with a detailed analysis of business processes supported by SAP software. SNP System Scan obtains all the relevant information needed for the transformation.
  • SNP Analysis helps plan the migration strategy
    With SNP Analysis we can analyze the SNP System Scan results with an easy-to-use questionnaire. The project plan will clarify and substantiate all organizational and technical conditions. The SAP system landscape is displayed graphically, and various transformation scenarios can be played out using drag-and-drop functionality. SNP Analysis provides us with information that shows how the transformation will be performed and how much it will cost.
  • SNP Project Cockpit guides the transformation
    After project planning, SNP Transformation Backbone performs a more in-depth analysis to automatically generate work lists and transformation rules. The execution of the SAP software transformation is guided by SNP Project Cockpit, which stores extensive knowledge: standardized procedures for the planning, organization, control, execution, and documentation. SNP Transformation Backbone maps all project-related activities and documents in the cockpit. This gives you a consolidated view of the complete process.
    In addition, comprehensive testing, risk management, and compliance functions are integrated in the cockpit. Thanks to a self-explanatory, intuitive interface, users can navigate through the individual project phases and insert the appropriate transformation tools.
  • Depending on the transformation, SNP Transformation Backbone contains various task- and industry-specific solution modules. These units contain proprietary software components that are specialized for specific transformation scenarios. In addition to the components used to analyze and implement the transformation, a solution module contains predefined content for the cockpit (schedule, checks, and so on) and predefined rules for implementation.