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PMS/PCS Pricing Systems

PMS/PCS Pricing Systems

- Implementation of PMS / PCS solutions

- Management of PMS / PCS solutions

- Maintenance of PMS / PCS solutions


PMS/PCS General Presentation

PMS / PCS (Price Management System / Price Collection System) is a flexible solution designed to manage pricing policies of oil companies, taking into account the competitive environment, performance criteria and government restrictions. The mechanisms implemented offers the possibility to react quickly to any changes in the business environment and legislative restrictions.

Stations management - features

Stations can be grouped by various criteria and goals

Competition management

Competitors gas stations can be grouped by brand and their impact on your network stations.

Competitors price collection

The price collection enables collection of competing stations via a web interface (PCS - Price Collection System).

Price management - features

The system proposes price packages (new) for stations, according to predefined criteria. The prices can be sent to the entire network simultaneously for groups of stations or for each station individually.

The system can query the level of prices for the entire network , group of stations or individual stations.

The implemented mechanisms records/ warns the users if there were arbitrary price changes at the station.

Security and Communications with other systems

The system has mechanisms of access control to the application for both internaland external users. Users are divided into groups of users with certain rights. In addition, each user can be limited or receive rights.

The station provides periodically prices to other applications, and may receive different information from other systems such as accounting systems.


Transactional - reports on the price history for own network stations but also for competitors' stations.

Analytics - price trends reports, market position of brands etc.